Dynamic Resource Optimization

Welcome, you are probably here because you saw VMworld session VMTN2835, an Update to VDI by day compute by night. This session focused on new updates to the scripts that are publicly available on GitHub for doing this in your own environment. This site is dedicated to VDI by day compute by night, also known as resource harvesting, or dynamic resource allocation.  If you have questions please use the contact us page and let us know. You may help influence the next release.

Here is a full length video showing VDI by day compute by night in action (note this is with older scripts):

It’s important to note that this video is based on PowerShell scripting with PowerCLI. There are a team of us who are working on making this into a fully packaged VM that doesn’t rely on PowerCLI for its operation. As we make advancements on this, you will be able to find them here.

We encourage you to read the case study for the Netherlands Cancer Institute, which leveraged some of the technology we discussed during the panel around dynamic resource optimization.

VMware provides a great white paper on “Harvesting free virtual desktop infrastructure compute cycles for high performance computing workloads using VMware vSphere.®” This white paper provides the tenants of how dynamic resource scheduling would function in a virtual environment.

For those still wanting more, Tony has made his dynamic scheduling PowerCLI code available on github. You can experiment with this code in your lab and see how it works in your environment. You can find the slides for VMTN2835 on wondernerd.net.

And if that’s still not enough Tony has some rather extensive blogs on Scripting VDI by day compute by night and resource harvesting. He also has many other good resources available on hi web site to help with delivering virtual desktop to users working on HPC, AI, ML, and DL. 

But wait there’s more! For those needing additional resources with VDI Sean has an awesome website that digs deep into VMware Horizon. Be sure to visit TheVirtualHorizon.com for great resources.

If you would like to round out your reading on all of this be sure to visit Johan’s website where he explores all the areas we discussed in this panel session. 

Last but not least. We were not able to take questions from the most important people at our session as part of the video strem, you! So if you have questions use the contact us page to ask your questions and we will do our best to answer them. 

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